Dispose & Despair

† blue rose †
This is a 17-year-old girl who is currently slugging her butt off in her studies, and decided to create this LJ out of absolute boredom. xDD (Just a note, she's also very lazy to update her blog, which is why it's left stagnant)

Beyond that, this LJ is mainly to share/discuss Japanese stuffs, occasionally some of her random life posting ramblings as well. That includes a wide range, like anime summaries to manga recomendations, the latest J-music to her recent obsessions.

In addition, this is also a training site for her noobish graphics. Am currently a GIMP noober, just started off last year, but rarely had time to improve on her graphics.

Layout credit to minty_peach @ LJ. My LJ layout looks pretty messed up right now, so I need time to tune it right. xDD